By length and importance, Monte Rosa is the second mountain chain group of the Alps, and the highest in Switzerland.  It is found in the Pennine Alps and extends into Italian territory in the communes of Alagna, Valsesia, Gressoney La Trinitè, Gressoney Saint Jean, Macugnaga and Ayas-Champoluc  and also extends into Swiss territory in the communes of Saas Almagell and Zermatt.  Punta Dufour is the highest peak at 4.634 metres.  Capanna Margherita is located on Punta Gnifetti and at a height of 4.554m it is the highest alpine refuge in Europe. The valley of Valsesia is the gateway to to the south face of the Monte Rosa. This is the most accessible side of the mountain, which opens up to a large number of routes on several peaks. Alagna's lifts take you up to Passo Salati (3000 m), the starting point for many treks. Situated near the Indren glacier, it's only a few hours' walk from the mountain huts of Monte Rosa. Also from Punta Indren, it's possible to reach the Rifugio Mantova (3498m) on the Garstelet glacier in an hour and a half, and the Gnifetti hut (3447m) in two hours. Castled on the overhanging moraine, both serve as base camps for the climb to the exquisite peaks of the Monte Rosa.
Alagna, the historic alpine centre of the end of the 19th century, boasts  the oldest Guide Corps in Italy after that of Courmayeur, founded with 24 members in 1872. Numerous local alpinists gave their name to some of the main summits: Pietro Giordani, a doctor from Alagna, reached the summit named after him today (4046 m) with a group of fellow climbers on the 23rd July 1801; don Giovanni Gnifetti ascended his namesake summit (4554 m) between the 8th and 9th August 1842; Antonio Grober, the first to ascend summit Grober ( 3487 m) on the 3rd September 1874; Joseph Zumstein, the forest ranger of Valsesia who conquered the third summit of the group ( 4563 m) in 1819. And the alpine tradition in Alagna still continues today with the new generation of alpinists, who continuously discover new and exciting routes on Mont Rosa. The most desired of all, the ascent to Capanna Margherita the highest refuge in Europe, attracts thousands of alpinists every year, while the crests of Rosa remain a myth in the desires of those who aim higher.


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The south face of the Monte Rosa

la parete sud del Monte Rosa


Mountain Guides of Alagna

The Alpine guides and UIAGM Alpinism Tutors of the Guide Corps of Alagna are the specialists of Mont Rosa. Put yourself in the safe hands of professionals who truly appreciate their mountain and with them you will discover exactly where to find the best snow, the most exciting routes and where to go for breathtaking views. Live your holiday in Alagna entrusting yourself in the experience and capabilities of Alpine guides who know how to share their passion. The Guide Corps of Alagna was founded in 1872 with the authorization and support of CAI in Varallo. Today the Corps has more than 40 professional guides working on the mountains in Valsesia and around the world.

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