Artisan soil

For centuries Valsesia has been a land poor in means but rich in natural resources such as wood, stone, water and above-all, its inhabitant's creativity. Centuries of self-sufficiency and ingenuity handed down to an important handcraft today, and ranges from decorations on utensils and homes, to clothing and the precious lace called “puncett”.
Today, experienced hands guard and protect these arts and produce products that aptly represents the modern culture of  “know-how”, whose roots are deeply set in ancient knowledge. 

Insights ...

Valsesian Excellences

Artigianato-Ernesto Chiara
Ernesto Chiara (Rassa - a 13 km da Alagna)
Artigianato-Ditta Annette di Carmen Croso produzione di scapin valsesiani
Ditta Annette di Carmen Croso produzione di scapin valsesiani (Varallo Sesia - a 36 km da Alagna)
Artigianato-Sartoria Un Mondo di Idee
Sartoria Un Mondo di Idee (Alagna)
Walserbuteja (Alagna)
Artigianato-Giuliana Fanetti - Puncetto Valsesiano
Giuliana Fanetti - Puncetto Valsesiano (Alagna)
Artigianato-Birreria Artigiana Valle Cellio
Birreria Artigiana Valle Cellio (Cellio - a 50 km da Alagna)
Artigianato-La Truna
La Truna (Campertogno - a 11 km da Alagna)
Artigianato-Silvano Demarchi. Galleria il Chiostro
Silvano Demarchi. Galleria il Chiostro (Mollia - a 10 km da Alagna)