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An Ecomuseum is an expression of the local community and serves to do research and divulge information. It has an active role in the politics of local development and also conducts studies on strategies for the sustainable development of the territory. It was created to preserve a specific cultural heritage, but it maintains the present cultural heritage in its entirety and interprets local identity as a dynamic and active value in continuous redefinition, developing open relationships and comparisons between the various components of the local culture. An Ecomuseum is not only a museum displaying the past and its memories, but a workshop where a shared future can be built.

The Ecomuseum of Alagna narrates the adaptation of the Walser to the mountain through the hiking trails, the terracing, the canalization, the settlements and testimonies of a material culture in a constant confrontation between past and present, salvaging significant examples of architecture of the past and sustaining the economic activities and social dynamics which have their origins in the Walser culture.


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