Ski pass

Gli Impianti di risalita di Alagna Monte Rosa Monterosaski


All tickets will be charged on a magnetic support.This support (keycard) can be recharged many times according to your needs.
The keycard’s owners are kindly asked to bring their cards to the Counter while purchasing the ticket.

In order to get the age discounts planned in the pricelist it is necessary to show, while purchasing the ticket, valid identty documents. We do not accept self-certification. Purchasing the ski pass means that you fully accept the "TICKET OFFICE REGULATION".
The Society will have the right to modify rates and rules during the season.

SKIPASS INSURANCE: it is possible to purchase the insurance on request for 2,5 €
For further information on the insurance, you can ask for the explaining brochures the Monterosa Ski Marketing office or the Ticket Offices in the area.

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