Alagna and Riva are like a picture book and the pages are turned while walking among the streets and hamlets. Each corner tells a piece of their centennial story. The different aspects of this community is disclosed to the eyes of the observer. The cover of the book is the typical Walser-styled home, but there is much much more. The small window of the soul conceals the intense relationship with death; the white stone placed on the roof representing their fear of the unknown; the ovens; the fountains; the mills; the work organization which highlighted a community society ,the division and testimony of a culture of know-how.

The Walser people, tied to an agro-silvo-pastoral economy is sensitive to art in all its various forms as shown by the existence of a theatre in the building Unione Alagnese and the Società in Riva. The artists, naturally, are the locals, from the most famous fratelli d'Enrico (the Enrico brothers) to the Prismellesi Maestri, authors of important operas in the whole of Europe.The churches, centre of the community existence, are the pages of faith, devotion and sacred art. And more still are the villas and hotels, sign of the great renaissance of the 800's. Alagna and Riva are not only the past, but an alive and proactive present. The book doesn't close.


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