Signal Kuppe

The ascent to the Capanna Margherita, the highest refuge in Europe, is one of the most aspiring and exciting experiences for mountain enthusiasts. From a height of 4554 meters of Punta Gnifetti the view extends from the dizzying south face of Monte Rosa over Alagna and Val Sesia, out over the Po Valley to the Maritime Alps.
The trip to Capanna Margherita is a personal challenge, a test of your resistance, a desire to satisfy, a sudden emotion, a journey into your personal history and above all, an irrational and, thankfully, overwhelming adventure.
You cannot control an ascent up high mountains, you can only plan it, desire it, and then rely on the will of the wind, snow, and if need be, know when to give up. But it can never be a hit and run because it is a journey without an end that begins when you start to long for it.
Accompanied by the guides of Alagna you will find your personal route to Capanna Margherita ,by entrusting your safety to a professional and your passion to those born amidst these mountains.


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