The Sesia Basin offers for the most demanding sportsmen  the best fishing. The Valsesia Varallo Society of Sports Fishermen  (Via Durio, 22 / a - 13019 Varallo (VC) Tel 52 093 0163)  for nearly a century, is the concessionaire of water, ensure the protection, enhancement and monitoring of fish stocks under its jurisdiction that includes the basin of the Sesia, from the  Pietà’s bridge in Quarona  to the sources,  all tributaries and mountain lakes. The comprehensive plan of planting of hatchery brown trout and brook trout is allowed by efficiency of the modern system of incubation, able of producing five million of fry which in part are sown directly into the river , in  other waterways, and in part placed in rearing tanks until reach the stage of trout to be allocated, with the adult trout, for the resettlement of the concession ‘s water.

Tourist Section High Valsesia


  • where: from Balma bridge in Riva Valdobbia to the bridge of frazione Ponte di Alagna
  • open: from 22nd April to l7th october
  • permits are sold in Alagna in Caffè del Centro Luisa
  • hooks, bait, rods and equipment are sold at the Shoemaker Ferraris in Alagna


  • daily permit adults 6 fishes 30 €
  • daily permit under 18 6 fishes 20 €
  • daily permit no kill 23 €
  • 10 non consecutive days no kill 200 €


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