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180 kilometres of exciting pistes cover the area’s slopes; of these, 117 km are red pistes, 45 km blue pistes, 10 km black pistes and 2 orange pistes (boarder-cross). The 67 different routes are all surrounded by a vastly differing scenery yet almost all with the Monte Rosa as their backdrop. In the event that natural snowfall is limited, many tracks have snow canons so that conditions can always be “topped up”.

Alagna Free Ride Paradise

The Alagna Valley is the most challenging of the Monterosa Ski area. It is well-known thanks to its excellent access to the most exhilarating off-piste routes but also with easy connection to all the slopes of the domain. Alagna is the perfect destination for people looking for high emotion freeriding as well as those looking for less challenging skiing in an untouched high mountain environment, far from the crowds of the big resorts.

"The hardest day's skiing of my life", this is what Doug Sager, the ski reporter of the British "The Times", wrote in an article featured by his newspaperin november 2001. Skiing on powder in absolute freedom is arguably one the greatest emotions that can be experienced on the big mountain. Skiers are left alone with their own skills witnessed only by the beauty of dramatic peaks. Not every resort can provide skiers with the right environment to free ride. Free riding is not a discipline, it is a sport whose rules are set forth only by the big mountain. Freedom and respect are the key words. Which mountain becomes the question. Alagna, lying on the south. side of the mighty Monte Rosa is a member of a very small and elitist circle of big mountain riding paradises known across the globe by riders and boarders. Alagna's popularity is not the product of any marketing campaigns but the result of the underground circulation of the amazing tales that everybody who rode our big mountain brings with them. Alagna is located on the east side of the huge ski area of the Monterosaski, which connects three of the valleys surrounding the Monte Rosa massif (Alagna, Gressoney and Champoluc). Alagna offers phenomenal descents both on and off-piste, whose incredible scenery and views will always be breathtaking regardless of how many times you skied them. The Monte Rosa massif offers a huge variety of off-piste itineraries directly serviced by Alagna's lift system, many of which are available to intermediate skiers with the assistance of an alpine guide or ski instructor. Several routes serviced by the lift system provide skiers with more than 4,500 vertical feet of uninterrupted skiing, whilst heliski routes boost up to 10,000 vertical feet. With the help of local alpine guides and instructors, skiers will be able to explore huge valleys of untouched snow and secluded bowls where the only sound will be the skier's own heart beat. Alagna is the ideal resort for skiers in search of a life time ski experience in a choosy and understated alpine village. In the summer Alagna's lifts can be used as an aid for hiking, mountaineering, climbing and mountain biking.



The Monterosaski

The Monterosa Ski cable car and ski lift systems have for years been the pride of the area: with 37, many of which have been recently built, they ensure an hourly capacity of over 52.419 people an hour. From a minimum altitude of 1,212 metres above sea level they reach up to 3,275 metres at Punta Indreni, bringing skiers to the heart of the Monte Rosa chain. Suitable for every level of proficiency, they also comprise interesting structures, especially for children and beginners. The revolutionary "tapis roulants" selected by Monterosa Ski a few years ago are today a safe and convenient way for the beginner skier to get to grips with the slopes.

Lifts of Alagna

A tradition close to a half century long: at the end of the 1950s, the building of the 'Belvedere Lift' brought fame and modernity to the village. May 1st 1965 saw the inauguration of the Punta Indren lifts. Giorgio Rolandi was a fundamental character to the history of Alagna's lifts. With 30 years of projects and innovation, the connection with Gressoney in 2004 was the realization of a dream.

The Alagna - Monterosa Ski Connection

The Alagna - Monterosa Ski Connection The Alagna-Gressoney connection over Passo Salati is reached from Gabiet (piste no. 25 - on the Gressoney side) and Pianalunga Cimalegna Salati (piste no. 30 - on the Alagna side). These are both marked runs and are groomed by piste-bashers on a daily basis. A number of off-piste routes (which are not groomed or controlled) connect the two valleys. These should be treated with due care and attention; always take a qualified guide.

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