The history and morphology of the territory of Alagna makes it a zone of great interest that offers numerous possibilities for the excursionist, alpinist and passing visitor. The balanced harmony between the Alpine inhabitants and territory is evident at first sight and the environmental recovery in process over the last few years, is progressively specializing Alagna as mountain country, proud of its origin and tradition. Im Land ( the name of the countryside in the local language ) holds valleys of different aspects in its basin, many of which are found in zones of the Alta Valsesia Natural Park, famous as the highest park in Europe, whose boundaries reach up to 4554mt of Punta Gnifetti.  There are numerous, different excursionist itenararies found on varied levels around the countryside with well-equipped and easily accessed hiking trails which climb up the lateral valleys, at times inaccessible but quite fascinating and noted by the CAI branch in Varallo. These historical-cultural, naturalistic and artistic trails wind up upper Valsesia from the easiest to more challenging routes under the generous, watchful eye of the majestic, southern wall of Mont Rosa.

mappa sentieri

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(map supplied by ATL – Tourism Valsesia Vercelli and distributed by tourist  centres in Alagna and Varallo)

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Alta Valsesia Natural Park – Hiking map
Different types of trails, refuges and bivouacs, museums and information centres  are found on the map and woodland zones are marked in a different colour
edited: DeAgostini
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