Natural Park

Established in 1979, the Alta Valsesia Natural Park is characterized as an alpine park par excellence. It stretches from Fobello at 880m to Punta Gnifetti at 4554m on Mont Rosa and is therefore the highest protected area in Europe. Initially the park extended over the Alagna, Rima, Carcoforo and Rimasco Comunes and was enlarged in 1985 to include the Comunes of Fobello and Rimella, thus occupying the head of the valleys of the upper part of the Sesia hydrographic basin.
Until 1990 the Park was managed by the Montana Valsesia Community, which then became the instrumental body of the Piemonte Region. Today it benefits from an independant autonomous management excercising with their own bodies: a President, an Executive Council and a Board. The Alpine Park par excellence is dominated by the presence of the Mont Rose massif and its glaciers which form an extraordinary and suggestive backdrop to excursions particularly in the region of Alagna.
It extends over 6.511 hectares, between 900 and 4.559 m s.l.m and is therefore the highest park in Europe.
The watershed that seperates Valsesia from the Gressoney Valley and from the Swiss and the Anzasca Valley, forms its western and north western borders. In the west the border coincides with the alpine crest of the Mont Rosa massif.
The management is entrusted to organizational personel, with its head office in Varallo and to the park rangers in the territory who act as police officials. Other than surveillance, the park rangers also collaborate in the studying of the protected area, the gathering of data, promotion of environmental education and direct intervention in the supervision of the flora and fauna.
As a result of this reorganisation, the park today, has assumed a guidance role not only with regards to the environment but also to research, experimentation and above all to education

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Managed by: The Alta Valsesia Natural Park management body