Skills: easy
When: from June to September

Notes: the groups for the Capanna Margherita are allowed with a maximum of 5 climbers plus the guide

The climb where technique, mountaineering history and altitude add up in a virtuous mix

The Gnifetti hut, the historic base for all the climbs on the southern side of Monte Rosa, from the height of its 3647 m becomes the base camp for tackling the first rudiments of mountaineering for adults and children.

Excursion program:

Meeting in Alagna at 7.30 am at the offices. Control of equipment and distribution of equipment and technical materials. Ascent by cable car to Indren and ascent on foot to Capanna Gnifetti.
We will face the path from Indren to Gnifetti, short and not too demanding, with calm and long stops, practicing the use of crampons, ropes and knots. Lunch at Capanna Gnifetti and descent to Punta Indren in the early afternoon with return to Alagna by cable car.


Number of hikers Price per hikers
* group of up to 5 mountaineers who join together to reduce expenses

The price includes: accompaniment of a UIAGM guide for the day of the tour, lunch at the Gnifetti hut, round trip ticket by cable car, technical equipment (harness, crampons).

With 1 hiker 350 €
With 2 hikers 220 €
With 3 hikers 180 €
With 4 hikers 150 €
With 5 hikers 140 €
Public group* 160 €

Equipment needed:

ankle-high boots made of plastic, leather or waterproof material;
gloves, heavy hat, goggles with good protection, backpack, sunscreen, water bottle
breathable undershirt, wool or light fleece shirt, windbreaker, warm pants, gaiters;
harness, crampons and telescopic poles.