The Felice farm

cascina felice


Cascina Felice Genuine local products. The km 0 Mecca

2 young (Gloria and Fabio), 1 child (little Diego), 20 cows, 1000 toma cheese, tomini 600, 100 kg of ricotta cheese a year and 100 kg of butter, 1000 yogurt cups, primosale and lots and la great desire to do; these are the numbers of Felice Farm. A story begun 14 years ago with Fabio and his grandfather Felice, that continues in full swing today, one step after another. A conscious and targeted lifestyle choice adapting to the natural rhythms of life, sensitive of the seasons, it regains awareness of distance and develops an understanding of the products and of the environment.

Those who visit Alagna can not miss a jump in the Cascina Felice to taste real products at km 0, to admire the model stable and to share with Gloria and Fabio their passion! To reach them from Alagna follow the path for In d’Schenine, after about 20 minutes walk you will come across the stable: a wonderful view of Monte Rosa, large well-kept meadows, grazing cows and the Cascina Felice. You can not go wrong.



Tel: (+39) 346 2109986
Or you can write to Cascina Felice


Tel: (+39) 348 8938485
Or you can write to Cascina Felice