Nicola Degasparis

My name is Nicola and I was born in 1982. I started to go to the mountains as a child, first on my mum and dad’s shoulders then alone. Until the age of 17 I did some climbing on the glacier and several walks in summer and in winter, I alternated skiing and basketball, when almost by accident, I started a climbing course: it was love at first sight! For a couple of years I did nothing else. Then came military service at the legendary barracks of La Thuile and my old passions returned: skiing and running up and down the mountains. After my military service I enrolled in courses to become a mountain guide and I achieved the title at the age of 25. So my adventure began. Now seasons pass spent between meters of fresh snow on skiis and stunning sunrises shared with friends-customers with whom I climb the peaks of the Rosa and beyond. The rest of the free time I have left I spend mostly hanging under a paraglider, a fantastic toy that allows me to experience the mountains from another point of view. I love the mountains from all points of view and not only with my feet on the ground!