Sandro Borini (Boris)

Borini Sandro (Boris)

I’m Sandro Borini but everybody knows me as Boris: I was born in Varallo Sesia on the 16/10/69. I have been an Alpine guide since May 2002, but I have been active in the mountains for over 15 years. When I was young, I started doing sports not associated with the mountain, like cycling. My first competitions were mountain bike races and with the passing of time, changed to road racing and track racing. But I heard the call of the peaks while I was taking part in the mountain bike races, where other than the desire for competing, I allowed myself to fall in love with the surrounding environment.

My first mountain experience on Mont Rosa was that of a piste Rescue technician and from then on, with a lot of passion, I embarked on numerous Alpine and European mountain ascents. Other than skiing, what I love the most is rock climbing for sure. This is where I spend most of my free time, travelling around always looking for new adventures and spots around the world. Being  an Alpine guide is my passion!!