The best of freeride thank to helsiki

The valleys you’ll fly above are not simple ones, but the natural park “Alta Valsesia” so not only our home,but expecialy the home of eagles, steinbocks, martens (wolves as new entry!!)… . That’s why our flight are strictly ruled in respect of wheater, snow and safety condition and , obviusly, mountains. Are only allowed 8 flights per day per 8 days per month on 4 landing places to guarantee to everybody a peacefull realtionship with he enviroment arround us.

Especially because we speak about an experience we suggest you to book a guide for more days and then, when you are here, choose the best one to upgrade the guiding day to heliski! Our helicopters have 5 places 4 for the guest and one for the guide, so if you are more then 4 you will have to book two flight and two guides, if you are less you could try to join a group to share your high altitude day.

INDIVIDUAL FEE  1 Flight 2 Flights
2 skiers
3 skiers
4 skiers
540 €
380 €
300 €
970 €
670 €
520 €

price includes: ski guide, flight, flight tax, ABS, safety kit

Prices are for private flights. If your group is too small and you want to save some money write us, we will to find you a group!