Skill: medium
When: from June to September

Note: The guides of Alagna accompany up to 5 skiers per guide on the glacier

The trekking route between the peaks of Monte Rosa which leads through easy, but spectacular trails

If you are looking for a trip that has as its destination an important peak, with a spectacular high mountain environment, away from the beaten track but within everyone’s reach, the 4 4000 tour is the right choice. It is a trek between the peaks of Monte Rosa, which unfolds on easy but spectacular routes, which embraces a high altitude circumnavigation four of the 4000 most known


1st day
Meet in Alagna at 2:00 pm at office, briefing, gear check and ascent to Capanna Gnifetti, dinner and overnight stay Approach time: 1 h.

2nd day
ascent to Capanna Margherita 4554 m, dinner and overnight stay Approach time: 5/6 h.

3rd day
descent passing trough Zumstein peak 4563 m., Vincent Pyramide 4215 m.and Balmenhorn 4167 m. Approach time: 5/6 h.


Alpinists Price per alpinist
Public groups: 520 €

The price includes: Alpine Guide UIAGM escorting, 1 night half-board accommodation at Rifugio Gnifetti, 1 night half-board accommodation at Capanna Margherita, cable way return ticket for Indren, usage of shared materials and any missing technical gear.

With 1 Alpinist 1.410 €
With 2 Alpinists 840 €
With 3 Alpinists 640 €
With 4 Alpinists 540 €
With 5 Alpinists 480 €

Needed equipment:

ankle-high boots made of plastic, leather or waterproof material;
gloves, heavy hat, goggles with good protection, 35 l backpack, headlamp, sunscreen;
breathable undershirt, wool or light fleece shirt, heavy fleece, anorak, heavy socks and warm pants, gaiters;
harness, crampons and telescopic poles;
sheet bag, water bottle.
To sleep in a mountain hut, sleeping bag is required.