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Baite Daverio: the hiking path that leads to the Baite (Huts)

To reach the Daverio Baite, you must follow the path to Val Otro which is easy and well-signposted. The hike takes about an hour and a half to get to Bene del FAI.

Along the hiking path to Otro there are numerous chapels owned by the families who resided in the valley. They were originally destined to be ex voto or had a devotional purpose, and in recent years they have been the object of renovation by the consortium of Otro. At the beginning of the path is the last chapel which was built about 30 years ago by the painter Forgioli. Its structure is clearly modern in style however, it fits well into the ideal context of the succession of chapels built over the past centuries by the ancient Walser.

Although modern in its style, it is inspired by the same path of faith. The first chapel at the beginning of the path, which leans against the rock and facing east, was built between 1692 and 1693. In the space beyond the iron gate (which is a replacement of the original wooden grate done in 1989) there is a small picture with the image of the Madonna and a small two-story altar).

The next chapel built upon request of the Guala Toks family instead is a small shrine which is set into the rock and faces north. The sloping gable roof each formed by a single stone is one of a kind. In the niche carved into the rock, behind the small iron gate, there was once the fifteenth-century statue of the Madonna now preserved in the parish church of Alagna. The chapel, which is dedicated to the Madonna of the Rosary, was built in 1609.

Further ahead on the path, you will find the chapel of the Staffe family which is a masonry chapel that has a stone roof with two regular slopes and facing south-east. It was built in 1720, and it is probably on the same site of a previous chapel from 1642. It is closed by an iron gate and contains a painting with the image of a crowned Madonna, an altar with an almost illegible antependium, two small candelabra and on the facade, there is a small iron cross.

The next chapel belonged to the Abramo family. It is a masonry chapel which has a regular sloping roof and is dedicated to the most holy Crucifix. The interior of the chapel is currently bare, but the valuable wrought iron grille is exceptionally remarkable. It was built in 1618 in fulfilment of a vow.

The last chapel is dedicated to Sant'Antonio Abate; it is a small votive shrine made of stone which houses a wooden statue of the Saint, represented according to iconography in the company of a pig. The saint is carrying a tray in his hand, and on the tray is a tooth and he was invoked in case of toothache. The chapel is located a few hundred meters from Follu, the first of the hamlets of Otro, where you will be welcomed by the sight of the beautiful church of the Madonna della Neve.

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