Mountain and Ski guides of Alagna, Gressoney and Monte Rosa

Off-piste descents, glacier excursions, via ferratas, heli-skiing…there is certainly no shortage of adrenaline rushing activities here in Alagna. Monte Rosa, which with no surprise is known internationally as Freeride Paradise, is actually much more than an alpine massif where you can unleash your desire for fresh snow. In this pristine corner, you can practice mountaineering activities in all its forms, from the most extreme to the most accessible even to the less experienced. Either way, the support and accompaniment of one of our guides of Alagna, Gressoney or Ayas  is essential. Every day these Alpine guides, all IFMGA climbing professionals, climb the highest peaks of Monte Rosa. They are the ones who know the routes, the weather conditions and the risk factors because most of them were born and bred in these valleys. And it is the guides of Alagna, Gressoney and Ayas that you have to rely on when you decide to embark on an excursion with skis, snowboard or hiking boots. But who are these guides? What is their story and what do they look like? Here is a complete overview with all the information you need to know to enjoy a day of pure emotion in the safest way possible!

A brief history of the mountain and ski guides of Monte Rosa

The birth of mountaineering in the Alps has its roots in the second half of the 19th century, with the first organized ascents of the most famous and sought-after peaks. This was an epic event that deeply affected and changed the daily life of Alagna, Gressoney and Ayas. The first high altitude mountain refuges and the first hotels in the village were built. The urban aspect of the two municipalities was transformed and the people, from simple inhabitants living in these areas, became aware of their unique existence and consequently developed new professions. Thus, the professions of Monte Rosa Alpine Guides and porters were created. Today the Alpine guides of Monte Rosa represent the best mountain specialists, in every season and in any condition. With their technical-scientific expertise, these interlocutors are the embodiment of the ideal companion at all levels of difficulty, not only for those who want to practice mountaineering, but also for those who want to try their hand at climbing, go off-piste skiing or perhaps try out heli-skiing. The alpine guides of Monte Rosa intimately know every route in Freeride Paradise and would definitely know how to tackle it with their eyes closed. Going off-piste skiing with them across the vastness of Monterosa Ski means discovering where the best snow can be found, where the canals are the most fun, which spots will give you truly breathtaking views and where only heli-skiing can give you that maximum adrenalin rush. High altitude mountain ascents cannot be separated from experience and ability, and when climbing with an Alagna, Gressoney or Ayas mountain guide, a true professional, you not only entrust your own safety - and  at times the safety of your partner and children as well, but also your wishes and dreams.

How to plan your excursion and when to book

Climbing to an altitude for an off-piste descent or to reach the spectacular hut, Capanna Regina Margherita, the highest refuge in Europe, requires, first of all, an impeccable organization of tools and accessories. Buying the latest generation ARVA online (the Avalanche Research Device) is not enough: you need to choose the right technical clothing, sunglasses, ski poles, as well as cream to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. The guides, of course, will give that first absolutely, essential consultation to anyone who wants specific advice. Timing is also fundamental: a freeride cannot be booked overnight, because conditions, at certain altitudes, are prone to sudden changes. Added to this is the constant tourist flow on Monte Rosa, in particular during high season such as the Christmas holidays or the summer holidays in August. It is, therefore, worth your while to start your planning early and consider booking your excursion well ahead of time before your presumed date.

Free ride and ski touring prices

340 € with 1/2 skiers
360 € with 3 skiers
380 € with 4 skiers
400 € with 5 skiers
420 € with 6 skiers
410 € with 7 skiers

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The updated list of the mountain guides of Monte Rosa working with us

The Alpine Guides groups are made up of numerous professionals with different backgrounds, each of whom is engaged in excursions and tours throughout the year both in Italy and abroad. Having established that it is advisable to contact them in advance in order to avoid finding their calendar already full, we would like everyone to have the opportunity to see the faces and read up on the career paths of our guides, in order to ensure a targeted and conscious choice. Despite the physical distance imposed by the web, it is clear that being able to formulate a first impression about your companion is of great importance to start your adventure in the best way possible. Below, we have collected presentation cards with photos and texts which were personally written and compiled by our guides. With a click of your mouse, you can read all about them, take your pick and then, contact them to organize your wonderful excursion in the mountains!

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