Roberto Valzer (Sbarde)

I love Alagna. I was born there  in 1966 and it was where I decided to settle and raise my three beautiful daughters. Nature in all its diverse splendour is my world and my school; this valley is my territory to which I feel viscerally connected; which I appreciate in every season and try to discover all its various facets during my field excursions. From this point of view I carry my profession with pride and mindfulness making sure that the person I am accompanying feels like a guest and not a client.

I love skiing, rock climbing, observing nature, hiking…but my passion par excellence is hunting, which I do with utmost respect to the animals and I also do it as a tracker accompanying guests.

I offer enjoyment as well as safety; all my experience is at your disposal, but I also know how to drink a beer at the end of a climb, reliving all its emotions. With the help of years of experience, I have put together a mental map of rivers and valleys, but also a few good restaurants where I often take my guests. A few years ago I have turned my home into a bed and breakfast, the ideal place for an evening chat in front of the fireplace!