Sport fishing Sesia Valley Monterosa

Fishing Sesia Valley Monterosa
















The Sesia Basin offers for the most demanding sportsmen the best fishing. The Valsesia Varallo Society of Sports Fishermen  (Via Durio, 22 / a – 13019 Varallo (VC) Tel 52 093 0163)  for nearly a century, is the concessionaire of water, ensure the protection, enhancement and monitoring of fish stocks under its jurisdiction that includes the basin of the Sesia, from the  Pietà’s bridge in Quarona  to the sources,  all tributaries and mountain lakes. The comprehensive plan of planting of hatchery brown trout and brook trout is allowed by efficiency of the modern system of incubation, able of producing five million of fry which in part are sown directly into the river , in  other waterways, and in part placed in rearing tanks until reach the stage of trout to be allocated, with the adult trout, for the resettlement of the concession ‘s water.

La pesca alla mosca valsesiana

pesca alla mosca valsesiana

Valsesian Fly fishing is the result of a combination of spontaneous and harmonious gestures, all aimed to naturally attract the fish to the flies. It’s an art where the fisherman using a fixed rod, is committed to finding the right harmony, in a series of soft, elegant gestures, to settle the flies cautiously and gently, which to fish must appear to have fallen from the sky, lazily drowned and transported by the current.

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