St. Giovanni Battista parish church

The church of Alagna became a parish church in 1475 when it was separated from St. Michele’s church of Riva Valdobbia. Today it is a very important example of mannerist elaboration of late Gothic and Renaissance shapes. The bell tower was completed in 1511 and inside the church there are many works of art among which the beautiful wooden altar which was commissioned in 1680.

Chiesa di Alagna con il Monte Rosa sullo sfondo

Alagna's priest

Father Carlo Elgo has been priest of Alagna since 1980. He is a great mountain-climber and a very good skier, he climbed several peaks and he climbed to Margherita hut above Gnifetti peaks more than 120 times!!
Don’t be surprised if after a big fall of snow or in a very sunny day the Sunday service starts a bit later…. You can guess where the priest is…
He cannot resist… All the Alagna’s people understand and are very close to their Father Carlo.


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