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Walser cuisine is a plain cuisine, based on the ingredients of a sustained economy. Only a few typical dishes have remained over the ages. Furthermore, in the fusion of the Walser culture with that of Valsesia and the combination with tourism which has characterized the valley in the last few centuries, the attention on gastronomy has increased. Today Alagna restaurants, thanks also to the enormous work done by the hotel school G. Pastore, boasts famous restaurants, which propose typical flavours, revisited and innovative.

The union between goat, bovine and grass from mountain pastures, produce cheeses of great quality as well as exquisite typical salamis. The close proximity of the hills of Novara and Gattinara where excellent reds have been produced for centuries and have even been confused with that of the upper valley during the late Medieval period, guarantees an excellent match with the multi-prized and famous D.O.C.G Gattinara and Ghemme on modern tables.

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