Alagna is not only Freeride Paradise! Alagna is Monterosaski, Alagna is simply Alagna. A hidden gem among the Alps: hectares of snow, silence, and powder.


Alagna is like a picture book. Routes and Walks Walking through the streets and the surroundings if you leaf through the pages. Every corner tells a piece of his centennial history. The different aspects of this community are revealed in the eyes of the beholder. The houses in the Walser architecture, with their play of solids and voids, are on the cover of the book but there is much more.


Monterosa is the second-highest mountain in Europe. The height and width of its walls has proven to be an irresistible fascination to many, resulting in the birth of alpine tourism and mountaineering.


The river Sesia  is the hotspot for tourists who love uncontaminated nature and undiscovered places. The green nature and an intact, pure, crystal clear river richly populated by a precious ecosystem.