Skill: medium
When: from June to September

Note: the groups for the Capanna Margherita are allowed with a maximum of 5 climbers plus the guide

The ascent to the Capanna Margherita on Signal Kuppe is an experience that can’t be compared

The climb to Capanna Margherita, the highest refuge in Europe, is one of the most coveted and exciting experiences for mountain enthusiasts. From the height of the 4,554 meters of Punta Gnifetti, the gaze sweeps from the vertiginous south face of Monte Rosa over Alagna and Val Sesia, losing itself in the Po Valley to the Maritime Alps. The trip to the Capanna Margherita is a challenge with ourselves, a test of endurance, a desire to satisfy, a sudden emotion, a journey into one’s personal history and above all an irrational and, fortunately, irrepressible adventure.
However, you cannot control a trek in the high mountains, you can only plan, desire it and then rely on the moods of the wind, the snow, and in case, know how to give it up. But it can never be a hit and run because it’s a journey that begins when you start craving it and never ends.
With the guides of Alagna you will find your personal way to the Margherita hut, entrusting your safety to a professional and your desires to the passion of those born in these mountains


1st day
Meeting place in Alagna at 2pm at the offices of Lyskamm Travel. Equipment check and distribution of technical equipment. Cable car ride up to Indren. Hike to refuge Gnifetti arriving at 5pm. We’ll tackle the short and not too demanding trail from the Indren to Gnifetti, with long breaks to lessen possible problems of altitude sickness, caused by the difference in height of over 1000mt accomplished in 30 minutes by cable car. Dinner in the room reserved for guides and overnight stay

2nd day
Ascent to Capanna Margherita with the first light of dawn, together in a roped party and assisted by your guide who will accompany you on a memorable journey. We’ll arrive at Capanna Margherita around mid-morning and after a small snack we’ll return to Gnifetti for a nightcap. Descent towards Indren and return to Alagna in the cable car

Prices Trekking Capanna Margherita

Alpinists Price per alpinist
* group of up to 5 mountaineers who join together to reduce expenses

Group availability:

  • 19-20/06
  • 26-27/06
  • 8-9/07
  • 22-23/07
  • 07-08/08
  • 13-14/08
  • 21-22/08
  • 28-29/08
  • 10-11/09

The price includes: : UIAMG guide for 2 days, half board at Capanna Gnifetti, round-trip cable car to Indren, technical equipment (harness, crampons).

With 1 Alpinist 890 €
With 2 Alpinists 510 €
With 3 Alpinists 390 €
With 4 Alpinists 330€
With 5 Alpinists 290 €
Public groups* 340 €

Needed equipment:

ankle-high boots made of plastic, leather or waterproof material;
gloves, heavy hat, goggles with good protection, 35 l backpack, headlamp, sunscreen;
breathable undershirt, wool or light fleece shirt, heavy fleece, anorak, heavy socks and warm pants, gaiters;
harness, crampons and telescopic poles;
sheet bag, water bottle.
To sleep in a mountain hut, sleeping bag is required.