Difficulty: difficult (AD-AD+)
When: July and August

This accent can only be done with an alpine guide

Climb to Dufour Peak

Punta Dufour 4.634 m, Dufourspitze in German and Pointe Dufour in French, is the highest peak of Monte Rosa
This is an alpine ascent reserved for those who are already familiar with activities on high altitude mountains, and an experience that will without a doubt make unforgettable memories you will cherish forever.

The ascent to Punta Dufour is a challenging and fascinating peak and was named in honor of Guillaume-Henri Dufour who was the coordinator of the first Swiss cartographic map work. It is the highest peak of Monte Rosa and can be reached by following a challenging route with rock passages and numerous aerial and exposed sections of snow and rock.

The setting is magnificent with spectacular panoramic views from Mont Blanc to Matterhorn, the Swiss Alpine chain and the major peaks of Monte Rosa. It is undoubtedly a very coveted point for enthusiasts of classic alpinism. It requires good physical training and aptitude for altitude, whether you decide to start from the nearby Margherita hut or from the lower shelters Gnifetti and Mantova.

Ascent itinerary

1st day: ascent to Capanna Margherita or Gnifetti or Mantova taking the normal route. Dinner and overnight stay in a refuge.
2nd day: departure at dawn to reach Punta Dufour (4634 m) in about 3,30/6,30 hours depending on refuge choice, following the normal route via Punta Zumstein.

Difficulty: AD – mountaineering difficulty both on the rock and ice; 40° slopes of snow and ice, and grade III climbing passes. Good physical fitness and ability to move with crampons on ice and rock are a necessity.

Uphill difference in height: 1000m from Capanna Gnifetti

Downhill difference 1400m


Nr. Alpinists Price per alpinist
The quote includes: UIAGM Alpine guide, 1 half board stay at Capanna Margherita or Gnifetti or Mantova, return trip on cable car to Indren, free use of anything communal, any extra personal technical equipment necessary
1 Alpinist 1.300 €

Equipment necessary:

Hiking boots which are crampon compatible.

30/40 litre backpack, a compact size to not impede movement
Gore-Tex Waterproof /windproof technical shells or similar jacket
Schoeller Waterproof/windproof mountaineering pants or similar type
Breathable underwear for hiking (vests and stockings)
Warm and breathable fleece sweater
Gloves (2 pairs)
Socks specifically for trekking/mountaineering (2 pairs)
Beanie or warm hat and sun hat
High protection sunglasses
High factor sunscreen
Sleeping bag
Head torch with extra batteries
Water bottle
ID document/passport
Climbing harness
2 carabiners with ferrule
1 x climbing sling loop 120 cm
Crampons with anti-balling plates
Ice axe
Adjustable trekking poles
30/40 litre backpack
To sleep in a mountain hut, sleeping bag is required.