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Fishing, how much do I love you?!

"Tell me fisherman you will return"…

Did you read it singing?

A good way to start the day's fishing!

Get your gear ready, it's dawning in Alagna!

What to bring?

High boots, a light fishing rod so you can move more fluidly, a rucksack or wicker basket, bait and a hat to protect you from the sun.

Legs in the water and let the adventure begin

River fishing is dynamic and can really become a good way to discover the area with different eyes because the river will give you glimpses that you will never see from the usual passages. In addition, you will be assured of dinner.

With spring, trout regain vitality and become more voracious in the rich spring water.

Find strategic spots, near puddles or waterfalls, and it will be easier to get results.

Of course, you can also choose No Kill fishing with trout release (only fly fishing and with barbless hooks to avoid lacerations at the mouth).

A trick for a better chance of catching fish? Take advantage of the soft light of early morning or late afternoon to be less detectable by prey (who see us very well especially if we dress in bright colours!).

And bear in mind that fishing is always more profitable on low-pressure days (that's why we always see fishermen wearing pastranos and oilskins).

Fishing in Valsesia has ancient origins and was certainly one of the forms of family sustenance.

It is now regulated by the Valsesia Sport Fishermen's Society, which manages rivers, streams and alpine lakes.

Thanks to this stewardship, species are protected and safeguarded, respecting their life cycles including reproduction.

In Alagna you can be a fisherman for just one day

By purchasing a day permit, you have access to the Tourist Fishing Reserve and can catch up to a maximum of six brown trout (maximum size 22 cm) or rainbow trout (maximum size 20 cm).

Regulations here!

Even if you are not a professional fisherman at heart, you should know that there are various techniques; the most commonly used are:

-fly-fishing, which involves the use of artificial baits that 'imitate' both aquatic and terrestrial insects on which trout feed. It is considered by many to be an art because the line casts the bait (which can be dry for surface fishing, submerged for bottom fishing or streamer by moving the bait in the flow of the current simulating other small fish)

-spinning fishing (from the movement of the lure, spin-rolling) with rotating spoons with good results on predatory fish.

Now you are ready! All you have to do is buy a permit at the resale points and join us!

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