From Malpensa, Bergamo and Linate to Alagna: the adventure starts here

What is the best way to reach Alagna from Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo?

So, you have started planning your trip to the mountains, and you are searching for detailed information. This article will give you sensible advice and all the necessary information provided by those who are as passionate as you are for trips in the mountains.
Alagna is located 98 km from the nearest airport (Malpensa), 164 km from Linate and 188 km from Bergamo, the other airports are further away and it is not viable to mention them. There are three alternatives from the airport: bus, car rental and taxi. The following article is an analysis of each option.

Public transport in Italy is often rather unique and regarding connections with Alagna not very useful at all, in fact, for example, if you take the bus, the only way to reach Alagna without having to plan several changes is to reach the metro station Lampungnano before 8.25 am. Otherwise, you have to take the bus to the main train station Milano Centrale and from there take the train to Novara or Vercelli where you can catch a bus to Varallo and Alagna. However, there aren’t many buses in that direction and to find the right combination you will find yourself in a terrible timetable tangle, so we suggest you write to us and we will try to help you.
Write here and tell us what time you land

Your second option is to rent a car. In this case, you have to ask the question: is it really necessary? Alagna is a small town where you don’t need to drive, on top of that, the streets are narrow, the parking spaces are limited and almost all of them are at a cost (€ 7 per day) and not all structures (accommodation, restaurants etc.) have private parking facilities. Therefore, if you choose to rent a car, remember to find out if there is parking space at the place where you will be staying in Alagna and if you can use the car to reach it (because the entire centre of Alagna is a traffic restricted zone – ZTL means Traffic Limited Zone). Don't forget to make sure the car has snow chains or snow tyres and uses winter fuel in case you choose a diesel driven vehicle. Finally, you need to know that Alagna has a good mechanic, but not everything is at hand and in case of breakdowns, it takes a little more time to fix than in the city.

So what should you do?
It may seem rather blatant but the best advice we can give you is to book a taxi through The reason is very simple: zero problems.
At a cost that certainly does not exceed that of renting a car and does not justify an entire day spent on a bus, you have the possibility to be "transported" from the airport almost directly to your room (obviously with respect to your privacy :-)).
But the added value when you rent a taxi driver from Alagna is that not only will you have a certified and attentive professional person driving you, but also someone from the area who knows his territory by heart, who lives and works in his town and will know exactly how to make you feel like a desired guest.

Making the conscious choice for ethical and sustainable tourism will bring you in close contact with the "true" people from the mountains who will welcome you by introducing you to their community. Of course, there are online booking networks that are probably faster but they certainly do not have a soul: practically, the distance between an online booking network and an Alagna taxi driver is the same as the distance that passes between a fast-food restaurant and a proper, family-owned trattoria. Think about it…

The cost of an Alagna taxi driver is (with a 1-8 seater minibus):

  • From Malpensa to Alagna: 200 €
  • From Linate to Alagna: 270 €
  • From Bergamo to Alagna: € 300

Write to us and tell us what time you land and what your flight number is, and we'll take care of the rest.

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