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Spring weekend in the Alta Valsesia Nature Park

sentiero glaciologico nel parco naturale alta valsesia, alpe Bors

Alta Valsesia Nature Park

Enjoy the spectacular awakening of nature by following one of the many itineraries in the Alta Valsesia Natural Park in the heart of Monte Rosa.

Created in 1975 to safeguard biodiversity, it is the highest natural park in Europe because it stretches up to the 4554 m of Punta Gnifetti, a well-known peak because the Capanna Regina Margherita stands there.

Today we have chosen to tell you about a path suitable for families and walkers who do not want to walk too much but who have curiosity and a desire to discover.
The Glaciological Path no. 206 and then 210 is perfect for a weekend in spring.
Departure from the Acqua Bianca square.
Arrival at the 2070 m of the Fun D'Ekku moraine (this sounds like a difficult name, but it is simply the ancient term used by the Walsers to call the bumps and moraines)

The trail is an easy one, for everyone, with magnificent views and an intact environment that allows you to travel through the geology of the mountains.

Before you set off, imagine the glacier advancing and then retreating as in a secular dance, leaving clear traces of its movement. As you begin your journey, you will discover step by step the traces it has left over the centuries. To help us understand how the glaciers worked we find 8 panels placed at strategic points. Erosion works (potholes), erratic boulders transported by the advancing ice and then deposited far away from their point of origin, mounded rocks, waterfalls, gorges, cauldrons and glacial cirques, all well explained and above all visible, as if painted by a Master of Fine Arts.

The first stop after only 10 minutes to admire the Sesia Boilers.

The gorge carved by the waterfall resembles a large cauldron, on which numerous rainbows are reflected by the play of light reflected on the drops that reach the viewing point, almost tickling the nose.

Park Visitor Centre

The second stop is the Park Visitor Centre, run by the Park Guards, where it is possible to obtain all the information on flora and fauna. Outside is the Botanical Garden, which offers a wide variety of species to the eye, depending on the time of year, from plants growing on the rocky slopes to ferns.

Marmitte dei Giganti and Valle del Bors

Crossing the characteristic covered wooden bridge that takes us to the meadow of Alpe Pile (which, with its Pastore hut, is one of the most frequented places of the summer), we go to admire an example of the Marmitte dei Giganti formed by the whirlpools of subglacial torrents.

We then continue along the orographic right side of the Sesia as far as the Bors torrent, then turning onto path 210.

From here the path begins to climb. If we imagine the glacier, we understand why the valley we are entering is elevated compared to the main valley we have just walked through; the lateral glaciers, of lesser flow than the valley glacier, have had less erosive capacity and so the result is a suspended valley, our Bors valley.

We are welcomed by Davide and Francesca, who run the Rifugio Crespi Calderini, dedicated to Anna Crespi Calderini, a mountaineer in 1900.

Alpe Bors and Rifugio Crespi Calderini

Alpe di Bors is located right in the middle of a glacial cirque, a natural amphitheatre surrounded by vertical walls and bordered downstream by a moraine deposit.

Stopping for lunch at Francesca's is a must, and a chat with Davide, who is always intent on maintaining anything, is a pleasure. If you then want to sing along, you'll have to tell Davide to ask Alexa to 'put on' mountain songs! Conquering Fun D'Ekku's Morena will be a choice. But we can tell you in advance that from Fun D'Ekku the view of Monte Rosa is the best we can have. Here you will see how his majesty Monte Rosa, who observes everything, dominates the valley. The air is crisp and, if you sharpen your attention, you will perceive the movement of the glacier, you will hear its crackles and little bangs, and the water flowing below uninterruptedly, in a continuous, eternal cycle of which we will be spectators today! We will feel so small in comparison.

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