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From the early 20th century, we know with certainty that the festivities were held at the Alagnese Union Theatre with 'The Youth Ball'.
"St Stephen's Day. Dance mainly of the youth; dark clothes were de rigueur, preferably black for the men, costume and white apron for the girls. During the evening, soon-to-be-married couples and 'filarini' who wanted to keep their relationship a secret were targeted; there were two young men around the room equipped with a (well-hidden) rope who would mingle with the dancing couples and, having designated one of them, would quickly throw the rope around the two and tie them up as tightly as possible so that everyone would notice them. At the next ringing of the bell, the young men with ropes were no longer the same, so as not to arouse the suspicions of the other engaged couples' from ALAGNA A WALSER COMMUNITY

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