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Alagna – Alpe Fum Bitz

Start: 1191 meters above sea level End: 1603 meters above sea level Elevation gain: 412 meters Difficulty: moderate Travel time: 35 minutes one way

Exiting the town of Alagna, continue to the Merletti hamlet, Wold square. After passing it, proceed past the oratory dedicated to Santa Maria Maddalena, and shortly after, cross a bridge over the Sesia river. Here, the road becomes a dirt path and leads to a ford that takes you back to the left bank of the Sesia. The asphalt road allows for a comfortable ride to the Oratory of Sant'Antonio. Cross the river again on a bridge and after a couple of switchbacks, reach the Acqua Bianca square. From here, the mule track begins. At the junction, follow the right towards Colle del Turlo until you see the sign for the Giardino Botanico Alpe Fum Bitz (Alpe Fum Bitz Botanical Garden). Descend to the left, and you'll soon reach the destination. Here, you can visit the Casa del Parco Naturale Alta Valsesia (House of the Alta Valsesia Natural Park) and the botanical garden. Return along the same path.

Alagna – Pianalunga

Start: 1191 meters above sea level End: 2050 meters above sea level Elevation gain: 859 meters Difficulty: difficult if the entire route is taken; moderate/easy if only the Rusa, Goreto, and Hibeli Hei variants are chosen. Travel time: 45 minutes one way

Starting from Piazza Grober, follow the uphill road towards the cable cars. After a short while, keep to the right towards the Casa Prati hamlet, which appears on the road leading to the higher hamlets. Near the intersection of the two roads, you'll see a sign for the Montella hamlet. It's worth a visit, but you'll need to walk your bike. Continuing uphill, you'll reach the junction for the Rusa and Goreto hamlets, reachable in a few minutes, passing through Dosso and Piane. The road to Pianalunga passes through the Piane hamlet, becomes a dirt road, and a service road. It touches Alpe Seiwji and then Pianalunga.

Return along the same path.

VARIANT for Hibeli Hei: After the Piane hamlet, continue on the dirt road to the junction, where you take the forest road on the right. Cross a small stream and continue until you reach a small area with an explanatory sign. Immediately behind the table, a small trail starts, to be walked, which leads to the Hibeli Hei hut in a few minutes.

Riva Valdobbia – Peccia hamlet

Start: 1112 meters above sea level End: 1529 meters above sea level Elevation gain: 417 meters Difficulty: moderate Travel time: 45 minutes one way

Start from the village of Riva Valdobbia towards the Vogna valley on an asphalt road. Pass the junction for the Vogna di Sotto hamlet, through the Ca’ d’Janzo, Ca’ Piacentino, Ca’ Verno, Ca’ Morca hamlets to reach Sant’Antonio. From here, the road becomes a dirt path to the Peccia hamlet. Return along the same path or: in Peccia, near the Baita Prato della Croce guesthouse, you can cross the Vogna stream and descend along the trail to the San Bernardo area, then take the dirt road shortly before arriving at Sant’Antonio again.

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