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Free climbing in Alagna Monterosa. Where to go? “Fun’d Scotte” cliff is one of the historical Valsesian freeclimbing walls. In the early 80s, the Mountain Rescue Service of the Guardia di Finanza of Alagna outfitted the first route, excellent training for climbers before climbing on Mount Rosa. In recent years it has been a painstaking work of resettlement of all routes by the Alpine Guides of Alagna, first of all Sandro Borini, who has devoted much time to clean, prepare and equip new lines, concluding the work in summer 2012.

In the same summer has beed opened a new route “La marmitta dei desideri” (10 shots) from Alberto Zanada, Alberto Zucchetti and Borini Sandro with a maximum difficulty of 6c + and mandatory 6a +, equipped with stainless steel fixes (diameter 8) and chains to stop. Also the most well-known of the longer routes (Conte Bosch) has been retooled and cleaned up at the top. The ideal time to climb at Fun’d Scotte is from April to October;  being west-facing the sun comes up at mid-day so in the morning you can climb cool even in the hottest periods of the summer.

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La Marmitta dei Desideri


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