Luigi Zignone

Pleased to meet you I’m Luigi. Allow me to tell you something about myself

Valsesia is the valley where I was born and raised 25 years of age. I started exploring all its footpaths and trails, and then, little by little, I began to hike higher, aiming for the steeper slopes and higher peaks until I reached the summit of Monte Rosa and many of the lesser-known but no less interesting mountains!
Several years ago, I moved to the Aosta Valley, to a small village (Saint-Pierre) situated in the middle of the mountains and nature. I continued hiking and exploring this beautiful valley.
The desire to make the mountains a fundamental element in my work also became stronger and stronger until I became an Alpine Guide in 2018!
I am also a physiotherapist and the mountains are an important element in my job as well, I often leave the studio and go to the mountains with “my” patients!
I wish you the best of adventures in the mountains!