Teodoro Bizzocchi (Teo)

I was born and raised in the Biella Alps, in the shadow of Monte Rosa, the “Queen of the Alps”. I was initiated to the mountain through hunting, but immediately abandoned it as I instinctively chased after the icy peaks rather than the footprints of wild animals. Being the naturally curious person that I am, I specialized in studying everything about the natural environment at university but… having fortunately understood that it is impossible to steal the secrets of Nature, I have tried to observe it firsthand in every place, aspect and moment through being a mountain guide since 2011… and succeeding in being amazed like a child every single moment.

Fascinated by the fact that the guides of days gone by were artisans (and shepherds), I professionally try to follow their example when I have to rest my legs after the long climbs. I am deeply attached to my origins, so it is only natural that I love history, ancient books and … milking cows… specifically the pezzata rossa breed from Oropa.