Paola Mondo – Tailoring


Tailoring fo passion: Paola ” sews your clothes on your body” ” Obviously, she’s a dressmaker!”…… And yet, it is not that obvious.She works in a small room in her house that she transformed into a workshop in the hamlet, Casa Giacomolo of Alagna, amidst dress designs, material and mannequins.Her work style and the clothes she makes is a strong reflection of her approach to life. Certainly, clothing is not a philosophy, but the outfit can also tell much about the person wearing it and that it was a personal choice.” In this outfit, I am me! “She does not believe that you are ruled by fashion, she wants personal taste to emerge.Tradition is the conductor of Paola’s creations, a tradition void of any stakes, but personalized and brought into daily life. From this point of view, the choice of material also comes into play : only natural fibres. Wool and felt for winter, cotton and linen for summer. Jackets, waistcoats, traditional costumes etcetera are at the basis of her “slow” production of great quality.