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Park Flora

The park flora is typical of the alpine and subalpine plains. Other than moss and lichen usually found at higher altitudes, pioneer vegetation can also be found on rocks, silt moraines (Primulas, glacier Buttercups, Genepys, Gentians), in snowy valleys (grassy willows), on windy mountain rises (dwarf Azaleas) or on pastures at high altitudes. Characteristic vegetation of high-altitude pastures such as the Carice Curva, Anemones, Achillea and the Alpine Clover are replaced on lower altitudes by Nard and Golden Oats, while alpineRrhubarb, Wild Spinach, Clover, Mint and Nettle shrubs are found close to mountain huts and drinking troughs.

Between the shrubs the green Alder create thick bush which blend in with the Larch trees lower down on the slopes. Small Blueberry and Rhododendron shrubs are also found widespread on the Park territory. In Alagna and Carcoforo the Larch is the woodland type that represents the true forests, while in the Val Mastallone area, the mixed forest of Beech and Silver fir is the typical dominant vegetation of the mountain plains.

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The Larch Forest

On the subalpine plains this forest represents the typical vegetation found in the Park.

Mixed Woodlands

Normally this type of vegetal aggregation is not found above 1400 – 1500m.

The Carex meadows

This grass species represents the “climax“ for the Alpine plains in the Park.

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