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Carex meadows of Alta Valsesia Natural Park

Carex meadows grass species represents the “climax“ for the Alpine plains in the Park. It refers to the balance which keeps a specific ecosystem together. It is found at a higher altitude than the Larch forest, in other words, higher than 2.000 mt. It is possible to see large areas of these meadows in the Park in Alagna, Rima and Carcoforo. It is the favourite grazing pastures for the big ungulates that live in the Park like the chamois, ibex and the marmot. Predominantly prevailing in the area is the “ Carex Curvula“, an herbaceous grass species with very little nutritional value for the animals. It is recognised from a distance by the ochre yellow colour of the the dried out tips and outer leaves. In this habitat, the Carex is found between the flowers and with their vivacious colours characterize the typical flora of the park. Amongst the various plant types found here are some species of bellflowers and gentians, yellow alpine anemones, alpine astors, alpine clovers (Celtic Valerian), “Phytheuma”, the “Dwarf Achillea” and more.

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