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Alagna can guarantee you a truly genuine 0 km holiday experience.

If you are looking for genuine locally grown products, choose the ones with the De.CO label!
The acronym can be perplexing, so allow me to reveal the mystery: it means product of Municipal Designation of Origin.
And what is it that guarantees a product has the De.Co label? For sure it is a local product, genuine and traditional, but it also has a philosophy of life:

1) they are products from animals reared in the pastures of Alagna
2) they recognise the value of a sustainable development
3) they undergo rigorous checks and controls
4) they contribute to the management of the territory

What should you do to be certain you are buying a genuine product produced in Alagna?

Check the label! All De.Ca products are wrapped in distinctive packaging so you can recognise it.

Which products have De.Co labels?

A typical type of Alagnese cheese of Walser tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. It is only produced in the summer months when the cows graze in the meadows and pastures below Monte Rosa or in autumn when they feed on the hay produced during the summer. The Walsechäis can be made of goat’s milk (Gaissu Walsechäis) or cow’s milk (Chua Walsechäis).

This salami is produced with meat from cows that have spent their entire lives in the pastures under Monte Rosa. The salami is seasoned and smoked with local juniper and shrubs, aged over a long time, compact and dry.

This type of salami is produced with meat from goats that were born and raised on the pastures of Monte Rosa. It can be more or less hard depending on the seasoning. Gaissuwurst, which is leaner than cow meat salami, is smoked and flavored with juniper

Der Anchu better known as shepherd’s butter
This is pure fresh cream butter from the milk of grazing cows. It has a yellow paste, a delicate and aromatic flavor with a creamy and enveloping taste in your mouth.

Walsechäis, Chuawurst, Anchu and Gaisswurst are all De.Co products

Farms producin cheeses and salami De.Co are identified by the brand

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