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Hotels, family apartments and homes to rent from private owners: all the information you need to know.

Your chose Alagna ski resort for your next holiday and now it's time to book a bed

Holidays in hotels, residences or homes to rent from private owners? If this is your dilemma, read on; This article was created with the intention of guiding you in making the best choice.

  • Hotels in Alagna Ski Resort

    If you are looking for 100%, total comfort, there is only one answer: hotel, hotel, hotel.

    Book now and you won't have to give it another thought!

    Carefully decide which services you would expect to find and then think no more about it. In Alagna there are hotels dedicated to children, such as the Mirtillo Rosso family hotel, where young guests are treated like princes and princesses. There are charming structures such as the Alagna Experience Resort with a large spa, a massage service and a heated swimming pool. There are historic hotels such as the Relais Regina, where Sibilila Aleramo stayed over, after yet another row with Dino Campana, and there are delightfully cosy, charming lodgings such as Zimmer Casaprati and the hotel Montagna di Luce. We offer you a multifaceted range that leaves you spoilt for choice.

    If, on the other hand, you are looking for an apartment to rent, the choice is more complex.

  • Holiday apartments and residences in Alagna Ski Resort

    Many accommodation structures, all of which have a valid municipal license, offer large apartments with services similar to those of hotels. In this case, you will have to browse our choice of vacation homes and residences. These apartments are meant for weekly or monthly stays where you can be absolutely that you will be staying in accommodation regularly checked by ASL (the National Health Service) and the Province.
    Smitt House, for example, the historic, liberty-styled villa in the center of Alagna, has large and bright apartments, complete with linen, complimentary toiletries, and more, while maintaining the independent feel of a private house with a garden. This type of accommodation has private parking and passes for the ZTL (traffic limited zone), without which you will surely get a fine. Similar amenities are also available at the Casa dei Fiori residence or at the Baita Walser Reale, which are reconstructed ancient Walser mountain huts, from where you can admire the allure of the mountains in a modern context.
    Your stay in these accommodation structures are guaranteed by the Monterosa Valsesia Consortium that grouped the hoteliers of upper Valsesia together and their aim is to provide centralized services, including a free shuttle to the ski lift facilities, a 30% reduction on the tourist tax, and access to free guided tours which are organized by the consortium.
    Simply put, rest assured and services included.

  • Homes for rent through private individuals in Alagna ski Resort

    In the age of the "shared economy", many private apartments have also appeared on the market in Alagna. Some are really very beautiful, others a little less. Before making your choice, we suggest that you carefully check the conditions of the site you are relying on to avoid surprises that may arise later. The internet has a plethora of rental apartments and making a choice has become quite difficult. These are so-called “second” or holiday homes that are rented out by the owners for a few weeks a year, and all of them have that charming lived-in feel, each with their own personality and attention to detail that you can appreciate as a guest.
    However, bear in mind, that you will not have the same assistance that you can find in residences and holiday homes. On the upside though, you will have all the freedom you could ask for and the opportunity to spend your holiday in one of the typical Walser houses.

    The downside? You will not have any shuttle services and you will have to manage your reservations for weekly events by yourself, so nothing too serious, though. The most important issue is that the tourist tax will cost you € 1.50 per day per person, and that is 30% more than in a hotel. Also, you will have to do some extra necessary legal paperwork regarding the rules for registration at the local police station, ISTAT and invoicing, because if these documents are not completed and filed, both you and the proprietor will be responsible for all eventual fines.
    This is a new system of accommodation and even though there aren’t many guarantees, it might be an interesting option. The Valsesia Monterosa Consortium has compiled a list of homes for rent through private individuals that have been verified: it’s worth taking a look.The Consortium does accept any responsibility with regards to these structures but only acts as an intermediary to check that the minimum safety standards are adhered to and that the quality of the accommodation does not hide any nasty surprises.

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