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How to smartly prepare for reaching Capanna Margherita?

Have you set your sights on summer 2024 as the ultimate time to chase your dream of becoming a mountaineer?

Read our training tips to reach the goal of Capanna Margherita.

The critical points to consider:

  • Above 3000 meters, reduced oxygen levels lead to a significant decline in physical performance, typically around 25% for well-trained individuals.
  • Ascending above 3000 meters transitions from trekking to alpinism, demanding meticulous preparation and consistent training.
  • Glacier travel necessitates technical gear such as crampons, harnesses, and ice axes, alongside specialized warm and waterproof attire.
  • Sleeping above 3000 meters presents challenges; arriving well-rested and mentally prepared is crucial for embracing the adventure.
  • Altitude-induced ailments, while not prevalent in severe forms, demand vigilance. Being capable of recognizing symptoms and knowing when to halt or retreat is essential.

Check out our advice on equipment, clothing, and altitude sickness here.

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Copy the checklist of everything that shouldn't be missed:

  • - 5 layers for the upper body (thermal shirt, spare shirt, fleece, heavier fleece, down jacket, windproof shell)
  • - 2 pairs of gloves (lightweight and ski gloves)
  • - windproof mountaineering pants
  • thermal leggings
  • - gaiters and mountaineering boots
  • - two pairs of ski socks
  • - hat that covers ears well
  • - Sunglasses with good sun protection (category 3 or 4)
  • - Sunscreen and lip protection
  • - Ice axe, crampons, and harness
  • - Headlamp
  • -Sleeping bag liner
  • - 1-liter water bottle/thermos
  • - Telescopic trekking poles
  • - Helmet (optional)

Pay close attention to the boots you will use.

Mountain boots must be warm, ankle-high, and waterproof. Hiking shoes are not suitable. Boots can be rented, ensuring proper footwear at a reduced price. In Alagna, you can rent boots at Base Camp at the start of the lifts.

Capanna Margherita training

Before the ascent, we recommend hiking in the mountains with around 1000 meters of elevation gain. Achieving a 1000-meter elevation gain in 3 hours is a good starting point for a successful high-altitude climb.

The Monte Rosa guides train together throughout the spring because training in a group is more motivating and enjoyable. At the end of each day, with their coaching, you'll have the opportunity to assess your progress and receive personalized advice on how to improve your preparation.


You might be physically fit but feel unprepared to use crampons or concerned about roped progression?

The Monte Rosa guides offer a three-day course to begin exploring Monte Rosa with a mindful perspective. They'll teach you to acclimate to altitude, learn to use crampons, navigate glaciers, and then together, reach Capanna Margherita after a coaching journey that will mold you into an alpinist. If you lack experience, the coaching from the Monte Rosa guides is the perfect training ground to reach the summit.

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