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The green of its lush vegetation and the crystal clear waters.

With spring and the melting of the glaciers, the time has come for river sports.

The Sesia is there waiting for us, with its bends and us with our wetsuit.

No matter whether the weather is favourable or not, the 'wetsuits', as river men are called, meet at the embankments in the Upper Valley, energised to tackle the rapids as number 1!

Ready to go, we choose a boarding place leaning on the professionals of the River Schools and face the current dancing on the river.

We can go rafting or canoeing, kayaking, canyoning.

Generally, rafting (from to raft-boat) is practised in teams of four or more people.

The raft descent is adrenaline-pumping and fast. You will need a life jacket, helmet and wetsuit to ensure safety as well as fun.

While the craft you have chosen is undoubtedly unsinkable, it is equally true that the possibility of capsizing exists.

If, on the other hand, it is the individual experience that fascinates you, then choose canoe or kayak. Same safety equipment but you will have to rely on yourself.

Your team will be you, the paddle and your coordination skills. A silent dialogue between you and nature.

Do you want to apply your passion for rock on the river?

 Your choice should therefore fall on canyoning, also known as canyoning. Jumps, descents, slides and rope descents of the mountaineering type, which is also essential for ascents. The equipment, in addition to that required for river sports, will be that typical of climbing: helmet, rope, descender, thigh harness and remember: with a guide it's better!

Here you will find all the information on river sports and a map to download

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