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Exploring Snowy Beauty: Snowshoeing in Majestic Monterosa-Alagna Valsesia

Winter brings a unique spectacle to nature, transforming ordinary landscapes into fairytale settings. In mountain regions, such as the magnificent Alagna Valsesia, snow becomes the canvas on which nature paints its magic. An enthralling way to immerse oneself in this winter wonderland is through unforgettable snowshoe walks.

Peaceful Walks: A Relaxing Way to Explore

Snowshoe walks offer a unique and relaxing way to explore Alagna Valsesia. This activity, suitable for all levels of fitness, allows you to get close to unspoilt nature without disturbing its tranquillity. Wearing snowshoes provides safe traction on the snow, allowing visitors to traverse snow-covered paths with ease.

The region offers a variety of trails suitable for all skill levels. From wooded trails leading to breathtaking panoramic views to peaceful walks along frozen rivers, there is something for everyone. Visitors can explore the impressive snowy landscape, admiring the majesty of Monterosa from unique angles.

Recommended itineraries:

Towards the enchanting Vogna Valley

Towards the magical Rifugio Pastore

Towards the Valle d'Otro

Rifugio Pastore
Valle D'Otro verso Dorf

It is important to take care to ensure safety when hiking. Here are some tips for safe snowshoeing:

  • 1.            Knowledge of the area:
  • - Before embarking on a snowshoeing trip, study well the area where you intend to go. Familiarise yourself with the local map, trails, routes and weather conditions.
  • 2.            Appropriate clothing:
  • - Wear clothes appropriate for the weather conditions. Use layers to regulate your body temperature and make sure you protect yourself from the cold, wind and humidity.
  • 3.            Equipment:
  • - Make sure you have snowshoes suitable for your weight and the terrain conditions. Check straps and fastenings regularly to ensure they are in good condition.
  • 4.            Waterproof boots:
  • - Wear waterproof boots to keep your feet dry during your hike.
  • 5.            Avalanche safety:
  • - In some areas, especially in the mountains, there is a risk of avalanches. Acquire basic avalanche safety knowledge, such as the use of a transceiver, probe and shovel. Avoid areas at risk and, if possible, inform someone of your plans.
  • 6.            Communication:
  • - Always communicate your plans to someone you trust. Let someone know where you are going, when you plan to return and who to contact in an emergency.
  • 7.            Safety equipment:
  • - Bring a basic first aid kit, a torch, extra food, water and a mobile phone with a charged battery.
  • 8.            Weather conditions:
  • - Monitor the weather conditions and check that they are suitable for your hike. Conditions can change rapidly in the mountains.
  • 9.            Group:
  • - If possible, go in a group. In an emergency, it is safer to have someone who can help you.
  • 10 Respect for the environment:
  • - Respect your surroundings. Keep to the path, avoid damaging the flora and fauna, and take away your rubbish.
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