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Spring is environmentally friendly

Skiing and mountaineering in Alagna in spring

Did you know that in Alagna, winter never ends and the lifts operate every day until 14 April?

In April, the ski pass has advantageous prices, the slopes are still perfect and there are no queues. But above all, spring snow opens the door to ski mountaineering, which can caress our mountains with delicate passion. Ski mountaineering is pure, stylish and green, and in Alagna it has endless possibilities.

Spring is the perfect season for skiing while respecting the environment! Moreover, climate change is getting us used to increasingly late and abundant snowfalls.

In spring, the High Altitude Refuges open, advanced base camps for all climbs on Monte Rosa.

150 years of mountaineering stories, adventures and dreams. But they are years well-spent!

Would you like to see the sunset from the 3647 metres of the Capanna Gnifetti?

Book it here!!!

Forget the itchy old wool blankets, candle butts and the usual soup served on plastic plates! The Monterosa refuges are state-of-the-art with all the comforts; duvets, hot showers, menus worthy of the best restaurants and, for the health of the planet on which we all live, all plastic free! No plastic and, less plastic, less rubbish. Less rubbish, fewer helicopter trips, less pollution and so on!

Monte Rosa Refuges We love you!

In Alagna we take care of our territory and we like people who respect the environment

Have you ever seen a core drill of a glacier? (as CNR glacier scientists usually do in the summer) it's amazing how well you can see the deposits that have formed over the years and understand a lot about climate change, drought years and glaciation years at a glance.

Interesting, isn't it?

In Alagna we joined the Caravan of Ice Project and also the Paw Project (Protect our Winter)

And we want to raise awareness among our guests:

We offer reusable water bottles to those who visit us. You will find them soon.

The restaurateurs have reduced costs for the Pure Water tappers known as 'del Sindaco' because in Alagna we really don't like disposable bottles!

We played easy with water because we have plenty of it here; every hamlet has its own bubbling fountain and so does every mountain pasture. But not because we have plenty of water, we don't like to waste it and especially pollute it!

Sesia is part of our skyline

The Sesia? Our river, which in Alagna is just beginning its long adventure, here is crystal clear and bubbling and is part of our culture and its waterfalls and cascades are our background music. We cherish our river!

In its waters, fishing is allowed, which begins in spring (the Tourist Fishing Section opens on 25 April).

HERE you will find all the details.

You can catch many varieties of trout, but the most common, typical of Alpine areas, is the Fario trout, tasty in carpione with vinegar and various herbs or baked with potatoes. But there are also those who eat it with polenta and swear it is the perfect combination.

These are traditional recipes, part of the history and culture of Alagna. Foods of a peasant population that has always fed itself on what the land offered it. Without plundering, but in a continuous exchange of peaceful coexistence.

The people of Alagna have always taken care of their land and have cultivated, reclaimed and carefully tended each side of the mountain for centuries, building fields bordered by walls and connected by stone stairs that are a spectacle for the eyes and a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

The Symbiosis Project

In 2024, the municipality will be redeveloping, in collaboration with the Symbiosis project, this architectural marvel that is now in danger of becoming a forest again.

Stay tuned, we will inform you about the progress of the project!

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