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Picnic Areas Alagna Valsesia

Picnic areas  with the best panorama of Alagna!

15 new picnic areas equipped with comfortable tables with free and open access to experience the mountains in complete freedom.
And for those who want to taste the specialties of the area can find picnic menus at the bars, restaurants, groceries, farms and mountain huts listed below.

Near the picnic areas you will find fountains where you can refuel with water; don't forget to bring your water bottle… and above all ALWAYS remember all WASTE downstream!

Which of the 15 areas will you choose first?

THE RICH MEADOW Grafenboden m. 2231

Time: 2 hours. Path: 207 °

Once you reach Acqua Bianca by shuttle, the route begins on the historic military mule path. After a few minutes, once you meet the crossroads for the Pastore refuge, keep to the right following path no. 207a for the Turlo pass. You walk in a larch forest until you reach the alpine meadows. After about an hour you touch the Mittlentail alp. After crossing the Rio Testanera and the Brunnenwasser you reach Mittlentail beyond. Shortly after alpe in d’Ekku, Faller and then about half an hour Grafenboden.

This pasture opens like an amphitheater towards the valley and in late spring offers an expanse of alpine flora, perhaps also for this reason the Walser had called it GrafenBoden or noble meadow!

A BALCONY ON M.ROSA  Alpe Testanera/fum Schworze Haupt – m.  2260

A MOUNTAIN STOP Alpe Mittlentail/ im enundre Mittlentail – m. 1928

TWIN LARCH – m 1751

GLACIERS TRAKS Alpe Bors/ im Bours – m 1892

IN FRONT OF MONTE ROSA Alpe Casera lunga/ Zam Lenge Gode – m. 1634

THE PRISONS AND THE GOLD Località sull’alto poggio/fum Hibeli hei – m 1622

SOFIA E TSCHAFFERLIE Alpe Campo – im oubre Kamp – m 1923

THE FOUNTAIN BODMER Hamlet Piane/Fum d’boudma – m 1380

WALSER VILLAGE Otro – in Olter – hamlets Dorf and Feglierc/Feljeretsch 1640 m

THE PARK OF THE SHEPHERDS Loc. Shennine – frazione Balma

THE SNACK OF ‘900 Loc. San d’Ot – Riva Valdobbia

ALPINE PASTURE Valle Vogna – Alpe Selletto – m. 1537

IN THE SHADOW OF SAN GRATO Valle Vogna – Fraz. Peccia – m. 1510

THE BRIDGE OF ELEPHANTS  Valle Vogna –Ponte Napoleonico – fraz Peccia m 1530

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