Skills: medium
When: from December to April

Notes: In the Freerideparadise are only allowed groups of maximum 7 skiers per mountain guide

Freeride paradise on Monte Rosa: a paradise for everyone

When you decide to be accompanied by a mountain guide of Alagna to discover Monte Rosa, you are looking for adventure, safety and experience. But your surprise will be skiing with people who will know how to pass on the love for the mountains they belong to.


1 day of skiing from 8 am until the closing of the lifts or until your legs will allow you to ski, according to your rhythm and skills

Number of skiers Price per skier
Price includes: One day with ski guide UIAGM.
1 skier 330 €
2 skiers 165 €
3 skiers 120 €
4 skiers 95 €
5 skiers 80 €
6 skiers 70 €
7 skiers 60 €

Equipment needed:

Ski clothing, off-piste skis or ski mountaineering skis (if you need to rent equipment, ask us, we will be happy to recommend the most suitable equipment), Artva, shovel, probe and harness.