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Il gioiello Walser di Alagna


In 1983, following the success of the eighth edition of the Walsertreffen, held in Alagna Valsesia on September 24-25, about thirty days later, the Walser Gmai Cultural Center was founded. This association, established with the enthusiasm of the organizers, aimed to safeguard the ethnic and linguistic heritage of the Walser Community of Alagna Valsesia.

Once the association was formed, it became necessary to create a distinctive symbol: a flag representing the Walser Community at national and international gatherings. Stimulated by this idea, projects began to be collected. A decisive meeting took place in Brig (CH) at the home of the president of the International Walser Association, Prof. Robert Inalbon, in early November 1983. During that convivial evening, the final decision on the Walser flag’s symbol and colors was made..

Upon returning to Alagna, a competition was launched to choose the best design. Association members, such as Marco Bertola, Giorgio Tiraboschi, Luciano Ferro, Emilio Stainer, and many others, contributed to merging the most representative proposals into a single project. The emblem was officially approved on March 3, 1984, and is still present in the Walser Gmai Statute. From that moment, the symbol has been proudly used by the Alagna community.

The Walser flag of Alagna is characterized by a yellow circle depicting the sun with a stylized black eagle in the center, whose feathers represent the hamlets of Alagna and Otro. The inspiration for the eagle comes from a bas-relief on the pulpit of the parish church, visible above the entrance door of the bell tower (dated 1511). The flag's rectangle is divided vertically into two equal fields: the left blue field symbolizes the clear sky and the apron of married women's costumes, and the right white field represents the snowy mantle and the apron of young Walser women.

The symbol also gave rise to a small pin. In all the Walsertreffen following 1983, it has always been present on the lapel of the jackets worn by the men of the "Die Walser Im Land" group.

Coming to today.

From the idea of the pin came the intention to create a true jewel that represents the community with simplicity and elegance. The jewels, expressed as a pin and a pendant, are made of polished or satin silver with the eagle in the center of a crown without inscriptions.

The Walser jewel is exhibited at the “Olter Wirchi” craft space and can be purchased in Alagna Valsesia at:

  • -Newsstand and souvenirs – Butteja Mid Allerlai in Via dei Walser;
  • -The Tobacco Shop and souvenirs Sotto il Monte Rosa, Piazza degli Alberghi;

In Varallo at the Gioielleria Luttore, in Via Umberto I.

The history of the Walser flag and jewel reflects the pride and dedication of the Walser Community of Alagna Valsesia in preserving and celebrating their cultural roots. Discover more about this fascinating tradition by visiting Alagna Valsesia and admiring the symbols that represent their historical heritage.

The new Walser jewel was created thanks to the collaboration between the Walser Gmai Cultural Association and the Gioielleria Luttore.

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