Le acque libere della Valsesia

The river Sesia originates from the glaciersof the south-western face of Monte Rosa, at about 3200 metres above sea level. From its source it runs for about 50 km. in a torrential way alternating waterfalls, marshes and deep holes. The biological quality of the water (Extended Biotic Index)is certified of first or second class (out of five), therefore as good or acceptable all along the stretch Alagna-Quarona of the reserve S.V. P.S.All its tributaries and also a lot of its sub-tributaries sometimes with very low water flow, is wortha fishing trip. Before venturing into unknown places we suggest you ask for information from our fisheries protection officer (phone numbers as wellas information regarding seasonal and daily permits are available on the website).In every creek there is a predominance of brown trout and rainbow trout. Especially in the Sesia river from Riva Valdobbia downwards there is marble trout and their hybrids.The western side of Upper Valsesia is scattered with lots of stunning alpine lakes of glacial origin situated between 2000 and 3000 metres above sea level.In most of them there are brown trout, rainbow trout and char. The endemic char has been introduced into lakes Tailly (Otro Valley) and Camino.

Fishing Techniques
You can choose among live bait, spinningor fly fishing but do not forget to try our ancient technique of traditional fishing “Alla Valsesiana” Valsesia style, known by fishing lovers all over the worl