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Rivers and Streams in Valsesia

The Sesia originates from the glaciers of the south-eastern side of Monte Rosa, at about 3200 meters above sea level. From the sources in Varallo it runs for about fifty kilometres at a torrential rate, alternating between riffles, waterfalls, runs and deep pools. The biological quality of the water (Extended Biotic Index) is certified as first or second class (out of five), as good or acceptable throughout the Alagna-Quarona section of the S.V. P.S. reserve. All the tributary streams of the Sesia, but also the numerous sub tributaries which at times have very low flow rates, are well-worth a fishing trip.
As a precaution, before venturing into unknown places, we advise you to contact our fishing guards for more information (telephone numbers are listed on the website and they will provide information on permits, both seasonal and daily). In all the streams, the brown trout is the predominant species, accompanied by specimens of rainbow trout. Marble and hybrid trout are mainly found in the Sesia from Riva Valdobbia downwards.
The western side of Alta Valsesia is dotted with numerous, splendid alpine lakes of glacial origin located between 2000 and 3000 meters above sea level. Most of these beautiful lakes are home to brown trout, brook char and very often rainbow trout as well. Arctic char can be found in the Tailly lakes (Otro valley) and in Lake Camino.

Fishing Techniques
Whatever method you choose to fish whether it's fishing using the “Tocco” method, spinning or fly fishing, don’t pass up the chance to try, at least once, the historic traditional fly fishing technique "Alla Valsesiana", well-known by enthusiasts all over the world.

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