Start point: Alagna 1200 m
Drop: 100 m
Trekking time: 1 h
Difficulty: easy

With children: yes
Where to eat:
Route number: no
By bike: no

Short walk but on uneven ground and often overgrown. Curious place to visit carefully


From the Church of Alagna follow the road for the natural park, walk about 20 minutes pass over the bridge for Pedemonte and the Walser museum and reach the bridge for the Wold area (5 min). 10 m after the bridge on the opposite side enter the path to Merletti, turn left and follows the path (10 min)

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The lime kiln in Merletti, step of the ecomuseum route leads to Merletti. The kiln is located at the head of the hamlet on the side of rio Fornace. It is a conical stone structure with a diameter of 2.7 m at the base and 2 m in height. In the bottom is an opening into which the wood is placed. The limestone, extracted from a quarry near the watercourse was inserted about 70 cm from the burning embers.
Wood and stone are the main resources used individually but combined produce a unique and indispensable element for building in the Alps and beyond.

The oven in Merletti is the largest and most important and was last used in 1922 for the construction of Henry Grober’s villa.