Doctor Merola

Emergency health care in Alagna is entrusted to Doctor Merola, a Sicilian who fell in love with the mountains and cool climate of Alagna. He has been an invaluable addition to the community in this territory for many years. He has even learnt to speak the local Valsesian dialect and is well-known for being the worst driver in the valley due to the incompatibility of his Catanese origins and the perennial frozen state of the roads in Valsesia! His innate pleasant personality and his availability is a precious presence for all in the upper valley.
Telephone: +39 328 2617206

Studio hours
Monday:17,30 -18,30
Tuesday: 18,00 – 19,00
Thursday:18,00 – 19,00
Friday:11,00 – 12,00

Studio hours in the vicinity:
09,00-10,00: Varallo Casa della salute
13.30/14.30: Scopello
15.30/16.15: Mollia
16.30/17.15: Riva Valdobbia
17.30/18.30: Alagna

15,30-16,15: Piode
16.30/11.30: Campertogno
18.00/19.00: Alagna Valsesia

14.30/15.30: Scopello
16.00/16.45: Rassa
17.15/18.00: Mollia
18.30/19.30: Riva Valdobbia

15.30/116,15: Pila
16,30/17,15: Campertogno
18.00/19.00: Alagna Valsesia

9.30/10.30: Riva Valdobbia
11.00/12.00: Alagna Valsesia
14.30/15.15: Piode

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