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Alagna Walser Green Paradise

Can tourist deals be consistent with the principles of the green economy and responsible tourism?

In Alagna we are sure of it.

Clean air, healthy food, an economy without waste, a well-kept landscape, and love for the territory are all items on our daily project agenda to ensure the sustainable development of our country.

All the reasons to explain why Alagna is called the Walser Green Paradise
l) Our zoning development plan provides zero consumption of new land: we have no plans for new buildings because we believe Alagna is perfect as is: harmonious in its natural balance of meadows, woods and houses, which have spanned centuries.

2) Alagna produces its own electricity; we have two turbines and we invest in the swirling of aqueducts. The consumption needs of our cableways and electricity are guaranteed with the production of electricity in summer, and we produce more energy than we consume

3) Alagna certifies the quality of typical local products with the brand called Deco (Municipal Designation of Origin). When you choose Deco-branded cheeses, cured meats and salami or butter, you are certain that they are produced from animals born and raised in the open air, in the pastures under Monte Rosa and that their quality is the highest guaranteed.

4) By 2023 Alagna will be plastic free. We are progressively abolishing plastic bottles, ensuring the potability of the water from Monte Rosa in restaurants, bars and shops, using dispensers distributed throughout the area, where you can refill your water bottle with either sparkling or still water.

5) We have expanded the parking lots at the entrance to the town and limited entry to vehicles, to ensure the right balance between necessity, harmony of the landscape and quality of life.

6) We bought e bikes, which can be rented at controlled prices at Base Camp near the entrance to the ski lifts. We want to give everyone the opportunity to travel comfortably and quickly but in a green and environmentally friendly way and integrated in a sustainable economy.

7) We have opened a  a medical centre which offer services of remarkable quality, because we are aware that a destination can be labelled green only if it ensures a high quality of life.

8) We check the waste separation collection system daily to ensure that is efficient and that composting is widespread.

In Alagna we believe that our community, which has always been used to living in symbiosis with the mountains, must reconcile the strong drive for tourism with the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability, because 900 years of Walser culture have taught us that this is our soul, our origin and the only possible future

Learn more about the project that we have in conjunction with the University of Turin 

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