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Snow shoes, heliskiing and freeride, wellcome back aventure!

September and October have flown by and it's time to prepare for winter. The key words to relive  an adventure immersed in snow are 3: snowshoeing, heli-skiing and off-piste (freeride).  You can organize each of these activities on your own, but our experience suggests caution to avoid that your adventure turns into tragedy. Even with snowshoes you have to be careful. Many tourists each year get lost in the woods because they lose track of the time and a serene afternoon turns into a nasty night  or because  they don’t have a simple map. We at Alagna we have heard far too many of stories like these. If you like walking in the silence of a snow-covered forest, good for you, but watch out for dangers. The smartest way to go snowshoeing is to join our groups, starting from January 4, 2016, every Sunday at 9:30. For only 30 € you have all the necessary equipment and the company of a qualified guide. Here are the details regarding our outings hiking in snow shoes !


If prudence is the operative word when snowshoeing, it is fundamental to put your safety in the hands of professionals guides when heli-skiing and off-piste skiing. Our  expert UIAGM guides and Air Service Center pilots will be happy to take you to the highest peaks of Monte Rosa, where the air is thin and where the alpine environment shows its more noble and savage facade. The heli-skiing and freeride tours represent a unique opportunity to practice extreme sports and experience the mountains from a unique perspective, chasing adrenalin and fun, with a guarantee of safety that you surely could not have if you were alone. Aside from random weather checks, accurate assessments of routes are made before leaving, taking the Avalanche Bulletins and the experience of the guides into account.

When everything is ready, you’re off to your destination. Colle del Lys, Colle Ippolita, Valle Nera, il Cavallo ... these and other goals are the starting point for adrenaline pumping descents. More information about off-piste  descents and freeride paradise can be found on our website and in the articles of this blog. Please note that the reservation number is 0163 922993. Alternatively you can write an email to the email address .  When choosing means savouring the taste for adventure with respect to the mountain and the environment. Contact us for more information!

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